Owner Hopes for Justice After Dogs Killed By Arrows


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ark.- A local man is upset after he said someone shot and killed his two pit bulls with a bow and arrow.

“I don’t sleep at night. I wake up constantly looking for Blue. I’ve been scared,” said Tye Wright.

The incident happened in December.

Wright just doesn’t understand why someone would kill his dogs, who were named Blue and Butch. He said for years pit bulls have been called bad and vicious. He said his dogs were gentle and loving.

“Aww, Butch was a playful pup. He really didn’t amount to much. Blue, he’s been my baby for 7 years,” Wright added. “I love my babies. It’s like I lost a family member.”

Wright said his dogs had been a part of his family for years. After a fishing trip in December he found them dead near his home in Mount Ida.

“My Blue had been shot between the eyes with a cross bow,” Wright explained.

Wright said his other dog Butch was shot in the shoulder and passed away hours later.

“What did I do? What did I do to someone to deserve this,” Wright asked.

He believes a neighbor shot and killed his fur babies.

“I was told that my dogs had been harassing his chickens and that my dogs kept him inside his truck at his house and wouldn’t let him get out,” Wright said.

Montgomery County Sheriff David White said his office has received several complaints.

“We had several calls going all the way back to October in reference to these dogs getting after chickens,” Sheriff White said.

Sheriff White said the circumstances around the case are difficult.

“You got two sides, two legitimate complaints on each side. You got one side stating that the dog was vicious towards them and you got the other side saying the killing was unnecessary,” Sheriff White said.

Wright said he is going to take the necessary steps and fight for justice.

“They are a loving dog. They were bred to be a loving dog. They were not bred to fight. People made them they way. But we can turn that around.There are a bunch of us out here that are bull dog loving owners they are willing to stand up and fight for that,” Wright said.

Sheriff White also spoke about a vicious dog ordinance that states anybody has the right to protect their livestock, themselves or anybody else from a vicious dog attack.

The ordinance also said the owner of the dog can be liable for any damage that the dogs do to a person or to livestock.

The sheriff says their investigation is complete. The case was turned over to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to determine if warrants are going to be issued or not.

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