GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. — A Garland County paramedic is trying to prevent another tragedy after a young girl was hit and killed by a school bus six years ago.

As a LifeNet flight paramedic, Bob King is never knows what call is going to come in next, but there’s one he hope to never get again. 

“It was about 6:25 in the morning. The fire tones went off, stated that there had been an accident involving a school bus,” King recalled. 

King found himself near the intersection of Old Dallas and Meyer Creek Road in Garland County, where 7-year-old Hannah Martin had been hit by a Lake Hamilton school bus outside her home. 

“She broke away from her guardian and ran for the bus thinking it’s going to stop for me and it didn’t,” King said. “There was nothing that could be done. The little girl was obviously deceased.”

September 21 marks six years since the accident and King wants to make sure no one forgets it. He worked with LifeNet to create “Hannah’s Light.” The goal is to illuminate every child as they wait for the bus. The small lights can be clipped onto a child’s shirt or backpack. King says when it’s dark out the light can be see up to 100 yards away, something he says is needed especially in rural areas where there aren’t any street lights.

“We want to make the kids more visible during the times when they are out in the dark,” he said. 

King handed out the lights at schools in Garland and Hot Spring counties. His goal is to spread the program across the state, and hopefully one day, the country. 

“If one of these lights help one grade-schooler not have this happen to them again the whole program is worth it,” he said. 

More information on Hannah’s Light can be found by clicking here.