Paranormal Expo comes to Little Rock

Do you believe in ghosts? Or Bigfoot? Saturday, people who do believe went to the Arkansas Paranormal Expo to have their fortunes read and to find out more about the unknown.

Beverly Pilcher spent her childhood hiding her psychic talents from her parents. Now, she is reading tarot cards for people looking for answers.

“I can be wrong. The cards are not wrong, it’s interpreting them wrong. If I make a mistake, 90-percent of the time, I have interpreted what they’re telling me wrong,” says Pilcher.

Saturday, Pilcher joined other paranormal experts at the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History where believers found out more about ghosts, bigfoot and UFOs.

“If you believe in Bigfoot, you believe in UFOs, and you believe in ghosts, we’re probably a different breed of people because we believe in all this stuff,” says expo planner Rhonda Burton.

“It’s definitely something that’s hard to swallow for a lot of people, but there are things out there that we haven’t discovered yet,” says Bigfoot expert Lyle Blackburn.

Burton is part of the Arkansas Ghost Catchers and enjoys sharing her expertise.

“We’re sharing electronic voice phenomena, AVP, spirit voices. People love to listen to spirit voices,” she says.

So what would she say to skeptics?

“I don’t think we’re crazy, I just think that we are, I don’t know what the word to use… I think that we have a curiosity to find out how things work and why is that spirit talking to me. How do they do that?” says Burton.

The expo benefited the MacArthur Museum.

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