Parents leave infant locked inside hot truck, police say

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INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, Ark. – Deputies Byler and McGilton were dispatched to B-Rock Lane on July 20, around 11:00 p.m. due to an infant who was locked inside a truck.

Dispatch told deputies that the caller said that the mother and father of the infant left the baby in the truck and walked off. The caller said that the truck’s engine was off and the windows were up. They were unsure how long the baby had been inside the vehicle.

Around 11:30 p.m. deputies arrived to the “swimming hole” located on B-Rock. Deputies saw a white Dodge truck parked on the hill near the creek and walked towards it. They saw a car seat in the back seat of the truck with the baby in it.

They were unable to determine if the baby was breathing due to a blanket covering the car seat.

Deputies attempted to open all four doors of the truck, but they were locked. They noticed that the windows were up and the engine was off.

They then saw multiple flash lights near the creek and could hear people talking. The deputies then started yelling in that direction of the flashlights, but were ignored.

The deputies busted the driver’s window out with a baton and unlocked the vehicle. They saw that the baby was breathing, and then removed the baby from the car seat.

The deputies noticed that a man was walking towards them holding a flash light. He was later identified as the Archove Noordhoek, the father of the child. They attempted to restrain Noordhoek by grabbing his left arm. Noordhoek attempted to pull away, but deputies placed him on the grown face down. Deputies were able to put restraints on him and told Noordhoek that he was under arrest for Child Endangerment. Noordhoek then said that he was checking on his baby, while he was hanging out at the creek.

Deputies noticed strong odor of intoxicants on him. Noordhoek was put into the patrol car.

The deputies then told the Dispatch to send an ambulance for the baby. Deputy McGilton sat in the car with the baby, in attempt to keep the baby cool. He was able to locate a bottle in the truck and fed the baby until an ambulance arrived on scene.

During that time, a woman came out of the woods and said that she was the mother. She was later identified as Stephanie Ormsbee. Deputy Byler told Ormsbee that she was under arrest for child endangerment. She then stated that she gave up her rights to that baby after it had been born. She told them that Noordhoek was the father, but they were only boyfriend and girlfriend.

Deputies also smelled a strong odor of intoxicants on her. Deputy Byler saw that Ormsbee appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine. Ormsbee continued to ask how she was in trouble, if she had given the child away when it was born. She was placed under arrest and put into a patrol car.

An ambulance arrived on the scene and transported the baby to the White River Medical Center.

Deputy Byler made contact with the Arkansas Department of Human Services and spoke with Investigator Amber Baker. Deputy Byler told the investigator the incident. Investigator Baker told Deputy Byler that she would meet with him at the medical center.

Deputy Byler spoke with the witness, who stated that he saw Stephanie and Archove get to the creek around 9:00 p.m. He then said that he only saw Archove check on the baby once, and that the baby was in the truck the entire time.

Both Noordhoek and Ormsbee were taken to Independence County Jail.

Deputy Byler then went to the White River Medical Center Emergency Room and met with Investigator Baker to check on the baby. Deputy Byler told the investigator all the information she needed for her report and then Investigator Baker took the baby once everything was complete by the medical staff.

Both were given a $7,500 bond.

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