Parents of One Victim in Triple Homicide Speak Out


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– The mother of one of three homicide victims who died in a Friday night incident begged to see the body of her daughter on Saturday.

LaTija Luckey, 18, is one of three people, all 20 and under, who were gunned down inside a vehicle.

A fourth victim, a 17-year-old boy, was also shot but survived. At last report, police said that teen was in critical condition.

Dozens of family members allowed our reporter Price McKeon to be there as they gathered and grieved together at a  Little Rock home Saturday afternoon.

LaTara Luckey said, “My baby. Where is my baby y’all?”

It was only about 12 hours after the triple homicide. Part of the reason was so that anyone withholding any information can see the pain the violence has brought to the families. 

Interim LRPD Chief Alice Full said there’s a $10,000 reward. I asked for clarification if it’s $10,000 per victim or per case- thus would it be a $30,000 reward? She said it’s $10,000 for the case. #ARNews— Price McKeon (@PriceMcKeon) November 17, 2018

Larry Luckey Jr. said, “She didn’t deserve this and nobody deserves this and now that it’s close to me I know how everybody feels.”

Family surrounded LaTija Luckey’s parents Saturday. 

“Why y’all (police) keep saying ‘she’s dead’ and I have not told y’all that. I have not seen my baby to be laying breathless,” the victim’s mother said.

One of 3 crosses placed near W. 14th Street and Peyton is in remembrance of Luckey’s daughter. 

The grieving mother said, “Y’all (police) let somebody else identify my own baby. Ain’t [sic] nobody have that baby but me.”

We quickly learned from family members that she’s not the only mother grieving in the family in this case.

Luckey said, “Y’all where is my baby? Who killed my baby and why?”

They told us one of the other teen’s killed, Kenelle Anderson, is Luckey’s cousin. 

She said, “All I know is they killed my baby. Why did he kill my baby?”

The mother begged to see her child’s body, which LRPD said the coroner took to the State Crime Lab, which is closed on the weekends, according to police. 

The family of 2 of the victims told me they are cousins. They have me photos of 18yo- Kenelle Anderson & 19 yo LaTija Luckey. #ARNews— Price McKeon (@PriceMcKeon) November 17, 2018

“Can I please see my baby? Please? Please. Oh please! Where is my baby? Oh my God,” she continued.

Police said the family cannot view the body until after the autopsy, which should be scheduled for Monday.

She said, “They (police) wouldn’t tell me nothing. They (officers) wouldn’t let me see my baby.”

The teen’s father also begged. Larry Luckey Jr. asked anyone with information or the person who killed the teens and shot the 4th teen to come forward.

He said, “You can give it (information) confidentially but I don’t have too much to say ma’am. All I have to say is God bless their soul.”

Family members told our reporter that the cousins were with their significant others.

The family of two of the victims told me all 3 murder victims were under the age of 20. Police have not confirmed this information yet. We are awaiting the press conference to start at @LRpolice headquarters #ARNews— Price McKeon (@PriceMcKeon) November 17, 2018

LRPD said there is a $10,000 reward to information that would solve this case. 

Tips can be anonymous. 

People can call in any information to LRPD at (501) 371-4660.

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