Parents Question “Common Core” Education Standards

LITTLE ROCK, AR – As the state works to implement common core at the high school level, parents testified at the state capitol Monday over concerns about the standards.

A packed committee room at the state capitol is not a common sight in late July, but a room full of parents, including Grace Lewis from Mt. Vernon, turning out to share their concerns with common core.

“i think our standards could be improved but i don’t think this is the method we needed to going about doing that,” Lewis says.

Common core defines the knowledge and skills k-12 students should have to graduate and then succeed in college or the workforce.

Arkansas adopted common core three years ago, and fully implements it when school starts next month.

Arkansas Department of Education commissioner Tom Kimbrell says there are growing misconceptions about the program.

“We’re really surprised because this opposition really had not started until the last month or so,” Kimbrell says. “There is a misconceptions that these standards are really an effort that what’s being taught in schools is what the government wants to be taught. This was developed by educators.”

Testimony on common core is expected to continue Tuesday with additional parents and educators weighing in with thoughts on the education standards.

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