Parents Say Children Are Being Harassed Through Social Media at Magnet Cove School

MAGNET COVE, AR – It’s hard for Kimberly and Gary Williams to stomach reading the words they found written about their three children.

“They said we are in the principal’s office so we believe we are ok but we are nervous and scared,” says Gary Williams.

Last Thursday the Williams received a call from their daughter. She explained her and her two brothers at Magnet Cove High School were being listed by name next to burning threats and racial slurs on a phone app called “Secret” used by their own classmates.

“When our children are at school we are entrusting the school district to protect them in our absence and for them to have to go to school and be in a hostile environment being called names being threatened to be killed, my goodness,” explains Kimberly.

The Williams’ kids just started attending Magnet Cove this year, and according to Kimberly her kids have told her about being called slurs before this.

“We were blowing it off like don’t let the words bother you. Well it escalated,” says Kimberly.

Kimberly says her kids will not return to school until they can be re assured of their safety.

According the superintendent the district is handling the situation. He said in part, “a thorough investigation took place” and it was determined one student “made a racial comment in a threatening manner and has been disciplined by the school.”

But the Williams’ believe more students were involved and more needs to be done, “We are in a situation right now where we are trying to get to the bottom of this and make sure our kids will be safe because you can’t take this lightly.”

The school district also says that application will be blocked from usage on campus and other social media sights will be monitored.

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