MAYFLOWER, Ark. — The family of two children left behind last week on a field trip by a Central Arkansas daycare. The seven and nine- year- old girls were set to board a bus to see a movie with other kids last Tuesday, when they were left behind.  

“It was around 2:15,” says Tammi Bunting, mother of the 9-year-old girl, says when she first got the news.”I got a call sometime earlier in the day Tuesday,” says Jaysson Funkhouser, dad to the 7-year-old girl. The phone call from  a supervisor with the Mayflower branch of the Boys and Girls Club of America saying their daughters had been left behind while on the way to a field trip.

“Is she OK is the first thing that I asked,” says Bunting. Both parents say  the supervisor from The Boys and Girls Club said the girls had only been left behind for around 5 minutes. “After getting home and speaking to the police department and hearing it had been more than 5 minutes, it had been an hour and a half, the police man told me of course I was quite upset,” says Funkhouser.

Mayflower police  say the girls were  with several other children – when they were told by an older child on the bus there was no room. That’s when the girls walked back to the gym as the buses drove off. They say a bystander spotted the girls – alerting police. “I didn’t know that police were even called until later on,” says Bunting. “The old supervisor that allowed this to happen ought to be terminated, they shouldn’t allow for this type of stuff to happen especially with kids,” says Funkhouser.

Now these parents say they want more to be done, to ensure something like this doesn’t happen. “I still haven’t been contacted by anybody from their headquarters office, in Atlanta, I’ve called 3 or 4 times and sent emails,” says Funkhouser.

The CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Faulkner County issued a statement Friday -expressing concern. He went on to say the agency is changing their procedures when it comes to field trips. We reached out to the Boys and Girls Club of America headquarters in Atlanta – but we haven’t heard back yet.