Parents Want LR School Board Returned to Its Position

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Former school board members and a Little Rock School District parent are pleading their case to circuit Judge Wendell Griffen. They’re asking that the Little Rock School Board be returned to its position, while their suit against the state is ongoing.

The legal term is irreparable harm that might have resulted from that takeover. For about six hours today the plaintiffs have called witnesses inside the courtroom.

Namely former school board members who claim the State Board of Ed’s decision for takeover is causing and has caused them and the district harm.

The main points in today’s hearing have been that the entire district was not in distress, that the board was working to correct those issues in affected schools, and that the decision by the state board of education to take over seemed arbitrary with no plan in place to improve beyond the plan board members had already been working on.

“They were shocked by the decision to be removed, how they still do not understand the rationale for removing the board to takeover the district when only six schools were in distress,” says attorney Rickey Hicks.

The state board had asked for this suit to be dismissed and for these hearings to be delayed, which Judge Griffen denied. The board has appealed to the state supreme court for a stay on these hearings. So far the ADE has not received word yet on that from the supreme court.

Ultimately the board members who are suing, along with that parent, want a temporary restraining order issued so that the school board can come back into control. This hearing was slated to go into Thursday as well before we might get Judge Griffen’s decision on that issue.

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