PCSSD Investigates Obscene Act Caught on Camera


MAUMELLE, AR- A newly released police report shows Maumelle school officials intercepted a video showing students having sex on campus during school hours last week.

Police say the students caught in the act weren’t the only ones breaking the rules.Authorities say whenever something happens on campus many students’ first reaction is to pick up their phone and record it, but the practice has the potential to land them and anyone they share the images with in jail.

PCSSD Communications Director Deb Roush says she’s spending a lot more time trying to protect students from each other and themselves on online.

“Profanity, inappropriate language, cyber bullying, organizing fights. Those would be the top four,” Roush says.

Fox 16 News obtained a Maumelle Police report detailing how a teacher caught two students having sex in the bathroom inside the high school. While they were breaking school rules the student accused of pulling out a device to record them could have faced a felony.

Roush says the district rushed to stop the video from circulating and Maumelle police allowed the district discipline students over pursuing charges.

“It hurts other students, they may not realize it,” says Roush.

Pulaski county authorities aren’t working this case but have witnessed other examples of students recording incidents that could get them in trouble.

Lt. Carl Minden says, “The things they’re doing are technically illegal if they get caught with some of this stuff in their hands they can get prosecuted.”

PCCSD has not had a student arrested over recording a fight or passing around sexually explicit content but authorities are warning students this type of leniency may not last.

“Their first instinct is to record it but they forget it’s against the law in some cases,” says Roush.

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