Peaceful Protest In Little Rock To Support Ferguson Residents

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Philander Smith College students joined community members peacefully protesting the shooting death of a St. Louis teenager.

Groups gathered outside the state capitol today and also at a nearby overpass on I-630.

People waved flags and held up posters in support of 18-year-old Mike Brown.

He was unarmed when an officer — in Ferguson, Missouri — shot and killed him earlier this month.

Protestors said the reason they held this event was to stand up against police brutality.

Student Jourdan Robinson said, “The message is that the police are not the supreme rules and our communities, the citizens should have all the powers. Cop stands for citizen on patrol meaning you don’t have the power to shoot an unarmed civilian.”

Joshua Dumas told FOX 16 News, “It’s as simple as injustice is a threat to justice anywhere. It could be here but it’s not, it could come here but we don’t know, so we have to get supportive and rally together.”

And Corey Mason said, “Certain things do not change in this country and this society and it’s things as we as a community, world and country come together to make some solutions, to make some change.”

Local protestors gave kudos to Little Rock police for allowing them to peacefully assemble to support the people of Ferguson, Missouri.

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