Petition started to remove Old Job Corps Building

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Some describe the old Job Corps Building on Vance Street as a multi-level building with multi-level problems.

The property has been empty for more than three years, with no sign of progress. Therefore, a petition is now being circulated by people who live near the site, asking city leaders to take action.

“It is an eyesore and just hope they do something about it,” said resident Richmond Jones.

The city of Little Rock does not own the property. But has been in communication with the owners, demanding the old building be properly maintained.

If work is not done soon, neighbors say they want city managers to tear the structure down now and bill the owners later.

“We just don’t want anyone in the building to get hurt. All kinds of things could happen,” said petition leader Carol Tabron.

Neighbors say they would be okay if owners do a complete rehab. But the current condition is just not going work for them.

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