Pets Bitten by Copperhead Snakes


LITTLE ROCK – A woman is watching her step after two of her dogs were bitten by copperheads.

Nancy Ryburn lives in the Robinwood neighborhood where there are plenty of places for snakes to hide.

She says after her pups were bitten recently, she immediately took them to get help where she discovered other dog owners are having the same problem.

“When we got to the emergency vet it was about five o’clock on Saturday,” Ryburn said. “They said that they’d had five cases already of people who had brought their pets in that had been bitten by copperheads that day.”

She has since taken to social media to warn others about the snakes, and now she’s a lot more cautious when she lets her dogs outside. Thankfully both of them are recovering and are expected to be okay.

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