Pine Bluff school board members votes to end superintendent’s contract

PINE BLUFF, AR – Pine Bluff Superintendent Jerry Payne faxed FOX16 a letter from Board President Herman Horace that says his contract ends on June 30th.

Board members decided to terminate the contract during executive session of last night’s special meeting.

The letter goes on to say the board has a right to terminate the agreement without good cause by giving 120 days written notice.

Payne took over the district last July.

Board President Horace did not return our calls.

“Dear Superintendent Payne,

This is your official notice of the board decision to terminate your contract as of June 30, 2012 per our conversation doing our special call board meeting on February 28, 2012. Your contract states on page 5, section-time 12.

‘The Superintendent hast he right to resign his position and the Board has the right to terminate this Agreement without good cause effective June 30 of any year of this Contract by giving 120 days written notice to the other party.”

This provision allows the Board, by giving written notice 120 days or more before June 30, 2012, to the Superintendent that it intends to terminate the agreement effective June 30, 2012, if the board decides to do that without any reason other than its desire to do so.


Herman L. Horace
Board President”

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