Planet Fitness Fires Peeping Employee

RUSSELLVILLE, AR – “Yeah, that’s ridiculous that’s awful,” says a Planet Fitness member.

Members at the Planet Fitness in Russellville are creeped out after hearing an employee was caught spying on women changing before they hit the tanning bed.

“That’s an absolutely violation of privacy,” says a Planet Fitness member.

Kelley Hill is the pervert Police say Hill showed a member to a tanning room, explained how the bed worked then disappeared, only to reappear peeking over the wall.

Police say Hill grabbed a ladder and used it to scale the wall so he can peak over the low ceilings. 

“You’d feel very violated,” says a Planet Fitness member.

The non-enclosed walls in the tanning rooms are made to disperse heat. A design corporate is looking to change.

“What we’re considering doing is possibly raising the wall height a couple of feet and putting like a grid ceiling on top of the area,” says Senior Vice President for Planet Fitness Arkansas Chris Sternberg.

The woman who caught Hill pressed charges and Management fired the peeping tom. Police say video shows the deviant doing it more than once. Members say they have mixed feelings about tanning there again.

“They did what they could do they are addressing the issue and taking care of it and I don’t feel unsafe,” says a Planet Fitness member.

“That’s not okay at all because you because you go in there with a certain level of trust,” says a Planet Fitness member.

Members we spoke to did not want their identity know. 

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