LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-  A popular pizza place shut down after failing to pay taxes.  Playtime Pizza was closed by the Department of Finance and Administration after several attempts to collect owed sales taxes. 

According to the DFA, Playtime Pizza has three tax liens against them.  One filed in 2012 for $519,490.97, and two filed into 2014 in the amounts of $4208.25 and $4625.85. 

“Sometimes it’s a result,” says Jake Bleed, Communications Director for DFA.  “Businesses don’t always succeed and a lot of times what happens when a business is struggling is they have a hard time paying their taxes. “

A manager at the pizza place told us the company did not have a comment.  Playtime Pizza has responded to inquiries on Facebook asking about the closure.  

Right now it’s unclear when and if the business will reopen.