Police: 68-Year-Old Man Robbed While Inside North Little Rock Home


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A 68-year-old North Little Rock man says he was asleep inside his home – when he was confronted by a robber. It happened at his home on Rogers Street – near Broadway in the Rose City neighborhood.

Leroy Reynolds has lived at his NLR home for 8 years. He usually keeps his gate locked, but the other night, it didn’t stop someone from invading his home. “I thought he had me mixed up with somebody else,” he says.

He says a man pushed through his front door, repeatedly asking , “Where is my 40 dollars?” Although Reynolds says he’s never the seen the robber before. “He pulled out his gun, and said I’m going to shoot you,” he says.

Reynolds says he keeps a knife by his bed – and used it to scare off the robber. “He just jumped on my bed, started running around my house and picked up my billfold, both of my cell phones,” he says.

He says the man then ran out of the home, before disappearing down the street.”He just jumped over my fence with one bound.”

Reynolds says he immediately ran to a nearby police substation for help. Now, he’s grateful he’s still alive after this scary ordeal. “That what I thought about the whole time,” he says. “You aren’t going to take my life I have a grand baby to live for,” he says.

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