Police car crashes into house, cars

SHERWOOD, AR – The Sherwood Police Department says an officer responding to a pursuit crashed his patrol car into several parked cars and landed in the garage of a house. 

It happened at 1109 Wildwood Avenue around 8 O’Clock Wednesday night. Police say the officer was not actively involved in the pursuit at the time of the accident. The officer was injured in the crash but has been released from the hospital.

Cody Dickerson was housesitting for his brother on vacation in Florida and was at the house when the crash happened. “I heard a big crash and I thought it a tree fell on the house.” 

Dickerson says he thought the officer was dead and immediately called 911. “The next door neighbor’s car was so mangled I thought that was the one the officer was chasing because I didn’t recognize the car.”

Jeremy Dickerson says his brother called him and told him about what happened.
“Cody said we had a situation on our hands and I knew right away. I found a seat and I sat down and spoke with him for 10-15 minutes as he told me some of the details, and we went right to work contacting our insurance agent.”

Cody Dickerson says he sent Jeremy pictures and told him everything was OK. “We have the house secured, so that’s good.”

Dickerson says it’s amazing the officer wasn’t severely injured by the impact of the accident. “The force to move that car that distance had to be incredible.”

Jeremy Dickerson says he won’t let this ruin his vacation and plans to come home as scheduled on Saturday. “We’re just thankful the officer is OK and no one else was hurt or worse killed.”

The incident is under investigation and Sherwood Police are not releasing any additional information at this time.

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