Police: Drunk Army Veteran Shot Up Passing Cars in Neighborhood


CABOT, Ark. – A drunk Army veteran in an SUV used passing cars for target practice in a Cabot neighborhood, according to police.

The active shooter call came from Greystone Boulevard Tuesday around 3:30 p.m. after bullets hit several cars.

Cabot police said the shooter was 34-year-old David Lewis Jones.

“Dude just had his window down, and he was holding a pistol out the window and popping off cars,” said Jack Teague.

One of those cars belonged to Teague’s boss.

“We were on our way to a job site in the back of Greystone,” Teague said. “I saw him pull over and his windshield was busted. I figured it was a golf ball or something because of the golf course, but he said someone shot his back glass out.”

Once they assessed the damage, Teague said it was a very close call.

“If it had been like an inch higher, it would have gone straight through that glass,” he said. “It could have easily hit him.”

Teague and his coworkers spotted Jones in the SUV and asked him if he saw anyone with a gun.

“He was just really sketchy, I guess,” Teague said. “I didn’t know what to think. I really didn’t put two and two together.”

“We didn’t know it was him until we look down, we’re standing in casings and he’s pointing a gun at us,” said Hunter Davis.

“Oh, I definitely thought I was going to die,” Teague said.

They said luckily police showed up then and arrested him. No one was hurt.

“Boy, it could have been really bad,” Davis said.

According to the police report, officers found a 100-count box of bullets and a bottle of vodka inside Jones’s SUV.

Police said he blew a .23 BAC, almost three times the legal limit.

“We walked right into the hornet’s nest basically,” Davis said. 

Jones’s wife told police he suffers from PTSD and drinking, coupled with an episode, makes him a very different person.

“I know people that are retired veterans and stuff and they’ve never pointed a gun at me,” Teague said. “So I don’t think that’s an excuse to go shoot cars in the middle of Greystone.”

“It’s just a sad ordeal and I hope the best for him and his family,” Davis said.

Jones is facing DWI, aggravated assault and terroristic act charges.

According to the police report, his wife asked officers about getting an order of protection against him.

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