Police: High School Teen Shares Inappropriate Photos of Junior High Girl on Social Media


CONWAY, Ark — A teenage Conway boy is in trouble for allegedly sending inappropriate pictures of a teenage girl using a popular social media app.

Authorities said the photos were sent in February, but recently got the go ahead to search some students’ phones as part of their ongoing investigation.

Jason Jackson knows all about the multimedia messaging app Snapchat.

“It’s a social media story where you can share pictures stories,” said Jackson.

And the trouble and pain it can cause those who misuse it.

“We all learn them. One way or another. We are going to learn a hard lesson,” said Jackson.

Conway police said a 17-year-old high school boy is learning a huge lesson now.

Detectives said the teen allegedly sent nude pictures of a 15-year-old middle school girl to his friends using Snapchat.

“Right now, they don’t see the repercussions of what they’re doing, but later on as they get older, they’ll see it as a problem with what they are doing,” said Jackson.

Investigators said authorities recently got permission from a judge to search some students’ phones to find out exactly how the photos were being sent and to whom.

“These kids now-and-days, just living in the moment,” said Jackson.

Judge Troy Braswell, Jr. is a juvenile court judge in Faulkner County, whose courtroom is often filled with kids misusing social media.

“Anytime that kids are passing around pictures of videos of other nude students, that raises a lot red flags,” said Braswell. “There is a lot of trauma associated with naked pictures or videos floating around schools or in the community.”

He said often times the best defense to kids getting in trouble on social media is parental involvement.

“As a community, we suffer from a lack of parents and the lack of parenting,” said Braswell. “We need parents to be all up in their kids business.”

Jackson, a father of two toddlers, agrees.

“When they’re young, you’ve got to pay attention to what they’ve got going on,” said Jackson. “It’s so many things to get into out here.”

Conway police have not said what kind of charges, if any, the 17-year-old and his friends could face, since it is an ongoing investigation.

Conway High School is hosting an ‘Internet Safety Class’ April 10th at 6:15 p.m.

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