Police: ‘We don’t see this often,’ fake credit cards found in car search


BENTON, Ark. — A rare find during a car search in Benton now has the Secret Service involved.

Along with printers and counterfeit cash, police found fake credit cards, which has businesses on alert.

The Old Crow Station grocery store in Benton is as wholesome as its produce.

Their fruits and vegetables may be simple, but general manager Courtney Young says their security is not.

“To be able to survive, you have to do all the checks,” she said.

Especially after Benton Police tracked down Shane Owens who took them on a high speed chase.

He was later found in the Tinseltown Movie Theater parking lot.

His Cadillac was filled with printers, special paper, counterfeit cash and electronics all hidden within different parts of the car.

But what stood out to police, were numerous blank cards with magnetic strips and some with the suspects name on them.

“That’s actually something we don’t see very often,” Capt. Kevin Russell with Benton Police Department said.

He says in these cases, the criminals can get people’s credit card information by scamming them over the phone or through credit card skimmers at gas stations.

“Then they can use that data and put in onto the credit cards that they’re forging,” Capt. Russell said.

But so far, he says the cards with a chip haven’t been hacked.

“You always have to try to stay at least a step or two ahead of the criminals,” he said.

For small businesses, where every dollar counts, Young isn’t taking any chances.

“Even though you trust 90 percent of the people that are coming into your store… we’re always on the lookout.”

To make sure your information isn’t stolen in this way, police say never give out your credit card number to someone over the phone who you didn’t call directly.

Double check the credit card devices outside gas station pumps for skimmers.

And always check your your bank and credit card accounts regularly for any suspicious charges.

Owens faces 18 forgery charges, 19 theft my receiving charges, 4 criminal possession of a forgery device charges as well as multiple drug, gun and fleeing charges.

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