AG Rutledge files lawsuit challenging cancellation of Keystone XL permit


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas is joining a multi-state lawsuit pushing back against President Joe Biden’s decision to stop development on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced Thursday that she has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration challenging the revocation of President Donald Trump’s 2019 presidential permit allowing for construction and operation of the controversial 1,200-mile pipeline.

In her release, Rutledge said 13 attorneys general advised the president in a letter in February that their states were reviewing available legal options “to protect their citizens and interests.”

“I warned President Biden to reverse course and reinstate the Keystone Pipeline permit, which would have saved thousands of jobs, but he refused,” she said. “I have personally visited with hardworking Arkansans who lost their jobs on the Keystone Pipeline, and they told me about the pain and financial strain their families and communities face because of President Biden’s unlawful action.”

The lawsuit claims that revoking the permits that allow the pipeline can “harm America’s economy, hurt consumers, displace workers, increase our dependence on foreign energy resources, and possibly harm the environment.”

Rutledge also claims that the president and administration did not consult with state leaders before making the decision, adding that she believes the move could “possibly be detrimental to America’s economy.”

Arkansas is one of 21 states that have joined the suit, which was originally filed by the attorneys general of Texas and Montana.

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