LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – President Joe Biden gave the State of the Union and many Arkansan lawmakers responded quickly to the address.

While Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave the Republican response to the State of the Union, many Arkansan lawmakers gave their rebuttal to the president’s address as well.

In a statement, Rep. Rick Crawford was critical of the president’s address and said he was more supportive of the response the governor gave.

The rosy vision that President Biden painted tonight is far from the reality that Americans currently face. The median household has to earn $9,000 more annually than they did when Biden was inaugurated, just to break even with the same buying power today. The Administration is oblivious to the hurt their ‘transient’ inflation is still causing families. A better, more effective course was laid out tonight by Gov. Huckabee Sanders, my governor, and a great leader for our state.”

Rep. Rick Crawford

Rep. Steve Womack was also critical of the address in his statement, saying that the president’s outlook in the address was “weak and less secure.”

Tonight’s speech deflected on the harsh realities families have faced under this administration. Failed policies have left Americans with emptier wallets, higher bills, rising crime, and a surging border crisis. This weaker and less secure outlook must be reversed. President Biden was also evasive in addressing our greatest threat: mounting debt and deficits. A full and honest accounting of the fiscal state of the nation would have been a more productive use of time. It is actions—not mere words—that will direct our future.”

Rep. Steve Womack

Sen. John Boozman also released a statement regarding Biden’s State of the Union.

“Whether it’s sky-high energy bills and gasoline prices, increasing costs at the grocery store or persistent inflated expenses for housing and other essentials – Arkansans are still struggling to make ends meet. President Biden’s policies have failed to make life more affordable or create confidence, which is why he must work with Congress to enact commonsense solutions that unleash American energy production, strengthen rural communities, secure our border and stand up to China. Ending the pain too many Americans are experiencing and protecting our economy and national security must be our top priorities, and I appreciated Gov. Sanders’ message encouraging Washington to get back to those basic principles.”

Sen. John Boozman

Sen. Tom Cotton said that the “state of our union is weaker” due to the president in his statement after the State of the Union.

In President Biden’s first two years in office, inflation, crime, and illegal immigration have surged. Meanwhile, our enemies around the world have advanced. His legacy will be disunity at home, and disarray abroad. The state of our union is weaker because of this president.”

Sen. Tom Cotton