LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Little Rock City Board approved over $10 million in improvement bonds for parks and recreation and the Little Rock Zoo.

The board said the money will go towards upgrades to city playgrounds and zoo infrastructure.

As Little Rock citizens come to enjoy the park, you enjoy exhibits at the zoo, you might see signs like exhibits closed or moved, that might be filed soon.

“I went to the zoo recently, yeah it needs the improvements,” community member Kristy Chambers said. “I think it was good, but there were certain exhibits that didn’t, you could tell it didn’t have anything there or was missing something. We just walked around, and it was kind of empty,”

Last summer, Little Rock voters approved a $10 million bond for the city’s improvement.

Tuesday night, the Little Rock City Board voted to spend it on the Little Rock Zoo and parks and recreation.

“I think it will be awesome,” Chambers said.

“We are super excited to get some bond money for the Little Rock Zoo, it is much needed,” Little Rock Zoo Director Susan Altrui said.

Altrui said the funds will go towards improvements like shade for the amphitheater, animal exhibit upgrades, and many more.

“Once we have that passed we will be breaking ground in a couple of months, so we are going to see some of those improvements happen quickly,” Altrui said.

The other money going to Parks and Recreation will go towards Boyle Park, the River Market and Riverfront Park, the Jim Dailey Fitness and Aquatics Center and five other Parks and Recreation locations in the city.

Kristy Chambers has been going to the Jim Dailey Fitness and Aquatics Center and she said she is hopeful to see improvements.

“I think that’s amazing. I think especially when it comes to places, facilities like Jim Dailey where people go and improve, they are trying to improve their body,” Chambers said.