Senate candidate’s name appears abbreviated on electronic ballot


WHITE COUNTY, AR — When White County voters make it to their machine, they have to make a choice in the District 28 Senate race. They either stick with incumbent Jonathan Dismang or State Representative Tiffany Rogers.

But when they see it on the screen, there’s something wrong!  Tiffany Rogers looks like Tiffany Ro.

“You run on your name recognition and record, and I’m extremely disappointed that my full name wasn’t there,” said Rogers.

Rogers learned from a voter that her last name doesn’t show up on the screen.  According to election leaders, the software only allowed a certain number of characters, and the dots you see indicate there are more letters that follow.

“Dot dot dot are characters as well which why couldn’t you finish it out,” Rogers said.

White County Election Commissioner Winston Collier said they did a test run, and Rogers’ name appeared in full.  They came up with this short term remedy Monday morning: place a flyer by the ballot to explain the abbreviation.

“Her name was not misspelled. It was not erroneously entered. It simply was too large to fit on the screen,” Collier said.

“Do you feel this has cost you any votes?” I asked Rogers. 

“Well I mean that awaits to be seen. I just feel like it needs to be made right,” Rogers said.

It won’t be right until November 6th when election leaders say voters will see new electronic ballots with Rogers spelled out.

“I think that’s important to the voters to have that capability of looking at your full name,” Rogers said.

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