Pool/spa and jacuzzi wiring


Wiring around water elements like swimming pools, spas and jacuzzis is one of the most complicated and dangerous jobs. If not properly installed and grounded, a severe shock hazard is created, which could injure or kill those using the equipment. For this reason, even do-it-yourself books advise that this type of work be done by a professional. Your local code will have certain rules, like how close wiring may be placed to water, and where g-f-i outlets are required. G-f-is, or ground-fault interrupters, can protect you against shock, by interrupting current in the event of a ground fault. Special wiring may be needed for the power supply to the pool or spa motors, as well as overload protection. Devices with heating elements may increase the number or size of circuits required. Underwater lights, a common feature in pools, will also be subject to certain guidelines. To find out more about wiring for pools, spas and jacuzzis, contact a qualified electrician in your area.

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