Poor distance problems


The more distance you can get from your initial drive, the shorter you have to go with your subsequent shots. How far the ball goes is the direct result of one thing: how hard the club head hits the ball. That doesn’t necessarily mean swinging harder, though. Your club is, essentially, a large pendulum. If you have a smooth, steady swing and make solid contact, the force generated by the club will have far more to do with distance than the muscle you put into it. That’s not to say that strength doesn’t figure in, of course. Male golfers average 20 to 30 yards more than women with a given club. Still, a female pro will consistently outdrive a stocky male amateur. A few lessons to straighten out your swing should be the first thing you try in order to achieve extra yardage. Beyond that, new, improved clubs are constantly being introduced that promise better distance. If you’ve mastered the basics of your swing, you might give them a try.

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