Porch Pirate gets caught red-handed on Door Cam but he’s still on the loose


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Christmas is less than a week away, which means porch pirates are on the prowl.

More than 50 percent of purchases are made online and as the holiday season gets closer and closer, this problem isn’t going away anytime soon.

Some have been spotted in Little Rock, but this time thanks to technology, a local woman thinks she knows who took her packages.  

“I got one package and I’m like okay, kind of waited and looked, kept looking,” Khristi Hurd said.  

Hurd was waiting for her packages, but after checking her list twice, she looked at her porch and saw something wasn’t right.  

“So, everybody was like, lets rewind the cameras back,” Hurd said.  

On the cameras she saw it all, a Grinch who stole Christmas in a small pocket of Little Rock.  

“We saw them literally drive to the stop sign, and then come back and like ‘okay here’s a package,” Hurd said.  

The thing that makes this porch pirate so different, after he ran up and stole that package he posted on social media.  

“He posted Sunday, what he was doing,” Hurd said. “And he had that same headband on, has the same jacket.” 

After posting all the evidence on Facebook.  

“And I was just mad, I was like I’m going to post it,” Hurd said. 

Minutes later dozens of people shared the post, and some even reached out to her to help. Hurd said some people recognized the guy and at some point the porch pirates heart grew because he sent someone back with some of the gifts, wrapped in wrapping paper, but his heart didn’t grow enough because everything wasn’t returned.  

“It took away from the mood, you know. You opened our stuff and then you didn’t give everything back,” Hurd said.  

Hurd says it’s not the same because the things she ordered for her son had been opened and unwrapped. She’s working with Amazon to get her other packages mailed again but they won’t be here in time for Christmas.  

Meanwhile the person who is responsible is still out there. Hurd said if there is one thing, she could say to the guy it would be “Stop, it’s not worth it.” She just wants an apology and this person to stop before it gets worse.  

If you know who this is or more about this incident call Little Rock police.

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