Possible looting reported at flood-damaged home in Pulaski county


PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. — The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a theft at a flood-damaged home, which is believed to be a case of looting, according to a police report.

On June 22, the family called authorities out to their riverside home on County Farm Road near Pinnacle Valley.

The victim reported nine guns and a Rolex watch being stolen. Combined, all the items were given an estimated value of about $18,000, the report states.

The victim told deputies that the doors on his home could not be locked or secured due to flood damage from the recent river flooding. The family had been staying elsewhere while flood waters rose and then receded.

Walking through the neighborhood these days, clean up and repairs are in full swing.

One of the victim’s neighbors, Ducoti Haynes, has four acres that is mostly covered in sand. Three weeks ago it was underwater.

“Some places you don’t have any [sand], and other places you’ll have a foot and a half,” Haynes says.

Haynes says he’s lived along the river since 1983. The recent report of looting leaves him rather un-bothered.

“That’s just human nature, I think,” Haynes says. “We see that all the time everywhere.”

On May 29 when the river flooding approached its peak stages, Gov. Asa Hutchinson addressed reporters about flooding concerns and spoke briefly about looting.

“I expect the people of Arkansas to do the right thing obviously and to help neighbors and not to take advantage of very difficult circumstances,” Hutchinson said at the May 29 news conference.

So far, this is the only looting case or looting-type behavior that has been reported to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, according to an agency spokesperson.

It’s unclear if some families have yet to return to their homes.

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