LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two strangers come together to pray for missing teen, and inform their community about the reality of sex trafficking in the suburbs.

Lori Brown and Jennifer Bartlett never knew about each other until about a month ago. When they joined forces to plan a prayer vigil for missing Little Rock teen Ebby Steppach.

Steppach, now 18, was reported missing in October 2015. Not long after her car was found at Chalamont Park in West Little Rock, which is where a memorial sits today.

Brown and Bartlett not only wanted to bring more awareness to help the family pray, but also bring awareness to the community of sex trafficking. And make it known that it happens everywhere, including the suburbs.

“There’s a very realistic possibility that’s what happened to Ebby and an issue people don’t want to approach but it’s a reality,” said Brown.

With the support of their community and power of prayer, they remain hopeful that the teen will return home.