Pricing your property


To help you determine a price for your property, find out the offering and selling prices of similar properties in your neighborhood. Try to find at least three comparable homes that sold within the past six months and see how long each took to sell. You may also want to have a professional appraisal done to help you determine the value of your property. The appraisal results can be used to justify your asking price to potential buyers. To price your property correctly, you should consider both an objective evaluation of your property and a realistic assessment of market conditions. It is best to determine a fair value and stick with it. Underpricing can deprive you of money and overpricing can actually result in getting less for the home than if it had been priced correctly to being with. Therefore, it is best to aim for the full market value of your home. Some people, however, need to bargain in order to feel they are getting the best price, so leave some room for negotiation. Asking five to ten percent above the appraised value can be a good starting point. For more information on pricing your property, contact a real estate professional.

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