Pro-Life supporters gather to end abortion

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Sunday, pro-life supporters gathered outside Little Rock Family Planning to kick off their “Forty Days for Life” campaign. It is an effort to pray and fast forty days, with the hope of stopping abortions.

“It is very important because the life of every individual is very special and we all are sacred individuals created by God and in God’s image. Every child is a human being from moment of conception on,” said coordinator Marianne Linane.

About 75 people showed up for the campaign kickoff. Each had the message of inspiring women to choose other options besides having an abortion.

Supporters know they face heavy opposition from pro choice supporters, who believe women have the right to govern their own bodies.

“The choice comes before they get pregnant and not engaging in behavior that will produce a baby when they don’t want one,” said Linane.

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