Pro Life Supporters March

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Anti-abortion supporters say their goal is to defend life.

Today, activists rallied to save the lives of unborn children. Supporters say they don’t want to pass judgement on those who have had abortions. But they do want to offer support.

“That is what we are here today, to let women know there are other options besides abortion,” said Nancy Emmons, a Right to Life participant.

The march comes on the weekend of the 39th anniversary of Roe versus Wade, which legalized abortions.

On the other side of the issue Saturday, pro-choice supporters held a similar rally.

But with a different message.

“I was a teen mother at 15 through incest. I chose to raise my son but it’s very complicated to raise a child born of rape and incest and I don’t wish that fate on any other woman,” said Dr. Loretta Ross, pro-choice supporter.

However, anti abortion activists are pushing pro-life legislation for 2013.

“We are hoping our elected officials will also respect life. We don’t have the right to decide who lives and who dies,” said Emmons.

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