Produce prices up at Farmers Market

Saturday, locally grown produce lured shoppers to the Farmers Market at the River Market, but, the drought has taken its toll on those trying to cash in on their crops, forcing them to raise prices.

“It’s fresh, it’s good. I like buying from these vendors. They’re always nice and helpful. We get good produce,” says shopper Jan Heavener.

Daron Hall’s grandfather started Hall and Sons Produce 38 years ago. This year, business isn’t exactly booming.

“It’s been a lot slower at the River Market. I guess the economy just maybe, you know, is just kind of hitting everybody right now. You know, people aren’t spending as much, aren’t cooking as much,” says Hall.

Plus, the drought has impacted crops.

“Our greens, the greens have been getting burnt up. They have been burning up. It’s causing inflation on some because they’re not as plentiful, and we’re having to go out and pump water out of the lake a lot,” says Hall.

And, that’s forced Hall to hike some prices. Purple hull peas, okra and watermelon will now cost you more at the River Market. He’s even had to get some produce from south Arkansas instead of his own farm.

No matter what happens with the drought or the economy, Hall says he hopes to maybe someday take over the family business.

“We plan on passing it down each generation and my dad has it and maybe one day me or one of my siblings will take it over and keep the family thing going,” says Hall.

If you missed the Farmers Market, it’s open through Tuesday 7 a.m.-3 p.m.

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