LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- It’s been almost a month and people at Big Country Chateau Apartments are still living without gas.

The property manager, Andrew Swinkoski appeared in front of a judge on Monday for failing to properly maintain utilities.

“We are doing everything we can to get the gas back on at the property,” Swinkoski said.

Swinkoski was cited by the City of Little Rock and Code Enforcement last week.

Since September,  Fox 16’s Re’Chelle Turner has been following this story.

Crews were working on the gas lines on Monday, but people at the complex are still without gas.

Renters say they don’t know how much more they can take.

They’re tired of taking cold showers and using hot plates to cook a meal.

People say things will only get worse as the temperatures continue to drop.

“I’m feeling very disappointed very angry,” Lucretia Butler said.

People left the Little Rock Environmental Court on Monday upset.

“We not getting no answers we are steadily getting the runarounds,” Butler said.

Since September 16, people at the Big Country Chateau Apartments say they’ve been living without gas.

“I’ve had to pay 30 to 40 dollars a day just to eat,” Tyrone Green said.

The complex is owned by Integra Affordable Management based in Chicago. We spoke to the property manager, Andrew Swinkoski after his hearing.

He pleaded not guilty for failing to install and maintain utilities at the complex.

“We are hoping to get the entire property re-inspected by the end of this week and gas on by the end of this week. At this moment the mainline has passed, five buildings have passed and we are calling for an inspection on an additional two buildings today,” Swinkonski said.

“I don’t believe that they been saying that for the last month that they are going to try and get it fixed,” Tyrone Green said.

We asked Swinkoski what caused the gas to be shut off for so long.

“These are issues that have to do with the pipping themselves and we are working through it with the contractors,” Swinkoski said.

People at the complex said they’re tired of playing the waiting game.

“Trying to run back and forth from house to house getting kids and preparing for school and hot baths and basically trying to get them situation its stressful,” Jessica Green.

They just want the gas restored.

“It would shock me if it come on this week I doubt it very seriously because they’re not doing anything to try and get it together,” Butler said.

The next court hearing is October 28th.

Renters say they’re also dealing with mold, leaky pipes and pests.

Swinkoski says once the issue is restored, they will work with people to compensate them for the problems.