Protestors Gather for “March Against Sharia” Law in Batesville


BATESVILLE, Ark. — Twenty states and twenty-eight cities — hosting a “March Against Sharia” laws Saturday. Many of the “Anti Sharia Law” supporters came out in solidarity with marches across the nation. While several Batesville residents held their own march against those protests.

On one side of the white river in Batesville. “We’re here today along with hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country,” says Arkansas organizer, Billy Roper.

A small group of protestors gather – like rallies across America today — the group is fighting Sharia law and Muslim immigration. But the organization which started similar marches elsewhere — Act for America– cut ties with today’s event in Batesville. A statement on their website reads:

ACT canceled the Batesville event when it became aware, “the organizer is associated with white supremacist groups.” Despite what ACT for America says — that didn’t stop these people from coming out. “We’re not going to allow that in our town,” says Britney Chambers, from Batesville.

On the other side of the river, her group from Batesville is spreading a different message of love — not hate.”We just wanted to counter that with love and unity and a message of acceptance,” says Chambers.

Two groups with two opposing views. “If there was really free speech in America, they could hold their rally and I could hold mine,” says Roper. “We’re a peaceful town, we don’t promote acts of violence or discrimination,” says Chambers. “Were a peaceful town and we are going to keep it that way.” Now, ACT for America also issued a statement saying, they “oppose organizations that attack based on race, religion or sexual orientation.”

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