Pulaski County Area Remains an Alcohol-Free Island


The unofficial results are in after Tuesday nights special election. 

So far, all issues passed, except one. 

The Gray Township wet/dry issue passed in both Sherwood and Jacksonville. 

But one other area also voting to allow the sale of alcohol in restaurants, failed, by a single vote

Only 85 people voted in that third area known as Precinct 614 located just north of Jacksonville city limits in Pulaski County. 

Forty-two people voted for the sale of alcohol, 43 against. 

While these results may change as absentee ballots come in, for now, the area is an alcohol-free island as neighboring towns turn wet. 

Cory Nicholson owns Smokin’ Buns BBQ. It’s the only restaurant in Precinct 614. 

“We’re the only one out here and it would affect us on this vote,” he said about the Tuesday vote. 

“I have some customers that would love for me to serve beer, and some customers that probably wouldn’t like me to.” 

The split feelings are evident in the unofficial results that will keep Nicholson’s restaurant dry:  

 “I didn’t realize it was that tight on the vote, I really didn’t.,” Nicholson said. 

With only 85 votes cast, Nicholson and other voters tell KARK 4 they didn’t know the special election included them. 

“I wasn’t even aware of the vote last night. I would have showed up and voted for it,” resident Donnie Davis said. 

Additional votes could have swayed the tight race. 

“I’ve lost some revenue because they’d rather go next door and eat bar-b-que and beer,” Nicholson said. 

An option more customers now have in Sherwood and Jacksonville city limits after their alcohol issues passed, but not in Precinct 614. 

“It would be difficult to see you know, restaurants being built a mile down the road that can do things that I can’t,” he said. 

A buzzkill for his business, when Nicholson’s trying to adapt. 

“I wouldn’t say that I would or wouldn’t [serve] right now, but there’s a good chance that I would just simply because staying with the times.” 

A decision, Nicholson may not get to make. 

“Everything happens for a reason, so we’ll see what happens next.”

According to the Pulaski County Election Commission, the results are not certified so the outcome could still change. 

We’ll have the final, certified results Tuesday, November 28th. 

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