Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office testing new body, in-car cameras


PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. – The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office is finding the best fit with hope the best camera option can stick around.

“They just roll on,” says Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Theodore Haase.

Lt. Haase says the different technology comes with perks, like viewing video from a handheld device.

“It’s telling me where my battery is on here. I got about 22 hours of battery life remaining,” says Lt. Haase.

Right now, patrol cars are not equipped with in-car cameras, and deputies do not have body cameras.

The Sheriff’s Office has been given a demo car with a camera on the dashboard and in the backseat.

Lt. Haase says whenever a camera is activated, nearby body cameras will also start recording.

“Even though this one [body camera] is not synced up [to the demo car], it still turned on,” he says. “Because I’m in proximity.”

The technology allows the recorded video to upload into online storage using cellular technology.

A few deputies are trying out the body cameras, which also captured the College Station ‘fireworks war’ on July 4, that’s when fireworks were being shot at deputies.

Pulaski County Detention Deputies, in the county’s jail, are also testing out the gadgets, but all the technology comes with a price tag.

“We tested one company, this is the second one we tested and quotes are showing around $1.5 million,” says Lt. Haase.

It’s unclear what this next price quote could look like.

There are no promises the technology will be purchased, but the deputies are working on grants to help pay for it all. The department knows is a necessity for transparency in 2019.

“This isn’t a luxury that we’re looking at for the purposes of benefiting us,” says Lt. Haase. “I think it’s probably one of the most important things we can do for the safety of our deputies right now and the benefit of public transparency.”

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