Pulaski Tech Financial Aid on Hold

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Every year around this time students on most college campuses are anxiously awaiting their financial aid refunds.

“I’m normally depending on it, you know I have a lot of extra bills I have to pay,” says Kayron Strickland.

Kayron Strickland a Junior at Pulaski Technical College says she was expecting her financial aid to hit her account today, but it didn’t due to a computer system failure.

“We feel if they have a system issue to come and advise the students,” says Strickland.

Lavonne Juhl, Financial Aid Director says it wasn’t just Strickland but more than 700 students who did not receive aid.

“We are still working with our software provider and with the U.S. Department of Education to determine why they were not funded,” says Juhl.

Other students say they were not granted their full subsidized loans as in past semesters students could get up to $9,000, however Pulaski Tech decided to only award $3,000 upfront.

Students wanting the additional funds must complete a request, the changes Juhl says were made to protect students.

“Our cohort default rate for 2010 was 28 percent and we feel it’s very important that students are aware of student loan debt and how it can impact their future and as an institution,” says Juhl.

Some students say they had no idea new policies were in place.

“I’m like wait where’s it at, you contact them, well we changed the policy well how come nobody was notified,” says Tabitha Eldridge.

“Through required reading and information provided on our student website and portal that information is disclosed to students,” says Juhl.

However, Juhl says they are working to get students their refunds.

Kayron Strickland says she hopes it’s soon.

“When you’re depending on money, and they don’t tell you something.”

She says can cause a lot of frustration.

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