Rape Allegations Against 2 Men on Caddo River

CADDO VALLEY, AR – One of the most popular attractions in Clark County is the Caddo River.

“[It’s] Just a place to cool off and enjoy the day,” said Eric Mitchell.

The cool current draws in families Mitchell’s from out of state.

They feel safe knowing the river float business parked near the bank, Caddo River Rats, helps police the area — literally.

“We don’t hide it that we’re law enforcement,” said co-owner, Russell Ursery. “We let them know.”

They have a Caddo Valley Police Officer and Ursery who is a Clark County deputy to run the place.

Ursery touts it as a safe family place but knows that stream flows both ways.

“It’s nothing to deny, it’s true.”

He says any time you mix the river, sunshine and alcohol something’s gonna happen especially on the weekend.

“The rowdy’s come out,” Ursery added. “It happens.”

This weekend they had something that they’d never seen before.

According to a report from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, two men, James Fell and Jonathan Swafford, tried to pull a woman down stream. Witnesses say it was to rape her, all the while touching and grabbing at her leaving red marks all over.

Thanks to those witnesses and an employee of Caddo River Rats though, the two men were stopped short of whatever they had in mind.

The witnesses jumped in after the men and the employee helped pull the victim to the bank.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Fell and Swafford could face rape charges but will likely only receive sexual assault charges.

“This incident’s kind of a first for here,” explained Ursery.

They hope it’s the last especially for the sake of families like Mitchell’s.

“Especially when you got people like this with you,” he said, pointing to his grandkids.

Knowing there’s law enforcement around though, will likely bring them back despite recent events.

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