Razorback fans talk about the future of the team


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Big changes coming for Arkansas football. The University of Arkansas announced Chad Morris would no longer coach the football team.

The news coming less than 24 hours after the Razorbacks brutally lost to Western Kentucky.

Fans in Little Rock are taking the news with eas after the painful loss.

“I think most people in Arkansas are always going to be U of A fans, we are always going to be Razorback fans so its a disappointment when you watch season game after game of nothing but losses,” said Justin Scheider, Razorback Fan.

Justin Scheider, a life long Razorback fan is taking the change of leadership as the first win for Arkansas in a long time.

Scheider isn’t the only die-hard fan who thinks firing Chad Morris was the right play.

“I don’t ever want to see anyone get fired but you cant lose to western Kentucky and lose like he’s lost the past two seasons without some change coming to the program,” said Sean Kim, Razorback Fan.

We also caught up with Chris Hays who graduated from the University of Arkansas, he says typically he would like to see a coach in the role for at least four years so they can get settled. However, with major losses, that time can be cut short.

“With things trending what appears to be the wrong direction, I think its probably something that had to be done for the interest of the average fan,” said Chris Hays, Razorback Fan.

Still, fans hope for a brighter future after Morris’ 4-18 record.

“If you look at the track record from this season I think we all knew it was imminent, it was definitely up and coming just because there was no progress from a winning standpoint that he had shown any strides to make the team better. I mean this has been a pretty terrible season win-loss ratio,” said Scheider.

With Morris out, fans have their sights set on the next coach and hope whoever it is, will lead the Razorbacks to victory.

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