Razorback Veteran Receiver Making Music Off the Field


If you check out Scarpino on a Saturday night, you’ll hear the music playing from 10pm untill 2am, but the DJ who is performing isn’t your average DJ. It’s Razorback wide receiver Jared Cornelius, but when he’s spinning, it’s DJ JRed.
“I try to do this as a hobby, so when we’re not doing much in football or during the offseason,” said Cornelius. “I try to do as much DJing as I can to take my mind off of it, so this is definitely on the back burner.”
The senior to be from Shreveport, Louisiana is the top returning wide receiver for the Hogs, so for him, DJing is a way to get away from the stress of the field.
“Just being in control, being in the SEC and a lot of things you don’t control,” said Cornelius. “You don’t know what the defense is going to do, you don’t know what play is going to be called or what the defense is going to call, so just being in control and doing my own thing. You know, Ii love music so being around it as much as possible kinda gets my mind away from it.”
As for the reaction to seeing a Razorback football player in the DJj booth, it’s split pretty evenly according to Cornelius.
“It’s the best of both worlds,” said Cornelius. “Some guys wanna come up and act crazy and start asking me how the season’s going to look, how are the recruits and stuff like that. And then, some people have no idea who I am and just wanna hear good music.”
So how does coach Bret Bielema and the rest of the staff feel about the star wide receiver having this side hobby? Cornelius says he was given the green light.
“You know, he supports me,” said Cornelius. “You know, he wants me to have fun, on and off the field, and he understands how much music means to me and how this helped me throughout the week and through the season. He supports it. It means a lot, they care about me, they care about my passions, things that I have a passion for. A coaching staff like this, where they allow you to do things in the nightlife that most places wouldn’t let you do, they really care about you and it shows.”

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