Re-lighting pilot lights


Pilot lights in heating systems can be electric or gas. For problems with electric pilots, contact a heating service professional. Gas pilots can be re-lit and cleaned by the homeowner. To do so, first, check for instructions printed on the front of the boiler or furnace. If there are none, have your utility company light it or follow these steps: * Use the manual control knob on the automatic gas valve to turn off the gas flow to the main burner and pilot. Allow at least five minutes for the accumulated gas to clear before continuing. Use extreme caution – and take more time if necessary. If your fuel is bottled gas, it takes longer to dissipate. * After the gas has dissipated, set the thermostat well below room temperature. Turn the manual control knob to ‘pilot’ and light the pilot, holding the knob there for a minute. Release the knob and turn it to ‘ON.’ For more information, call the gas company or your local heating services professional.

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