An internationally acclaimed private investigator now leading the charge in a missing persons case.

Ebby Steppach vanished from Little Rock two years ago, in October of 2015. 

The family has now hired TJ Ward, who is best known for his recent work on the Natalee Holloway case. 

It was watching that case unfold when Ebby’s mother and step-father were first introduced to Ward. 

The private investigator has now agreed to take on the Ebby Steppach case. 

With 40 years of law enforcement experience, a 12-person team and a unique lie detector test that tracks voice fluctuation, Ward sees holes in Ebby’s case he’s ready to fill. 

Those familiar with the case will remember, after Ebby went missing two years ago, her car was found about a week later at a west Little Rock park. 

A clue Ward wants to pursue. 

“I went out to where her car was found and filtering through some of the information that was found in her car just raises my eyebrows a little bit,” Ward said. He’s the President/CEO of Investigative Consultants International, Inc. 

Ward tells us his investigation will collaborate some with Little Rock Police, but overall it will run parallel with their work. 

The ulitmate goal of course, is the same. 

The homicide division of LRPD is investigating the case but  Ward said he’s still treating it as a missing persons case.

The reward leading to Ebby Steppach is 50,000 dollars.