LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Based on a recent report, Arkansas ranked next to the bottom on good states for millennials to live in.

In a recent report by Scholaroo, all 50 states were ranked from best to worst states to live in as a millennial.

Each state was judged on multiple metrics, from affordability and safety to their political and social environments.

With two exceptions, Arkansas ranked near or at the bottom of all the metrics with an overall ranking of 47.

At its highest, Arkansas ranked 13th on affordability of living and 25th in employment. Otherwise, it was mostly rock bottom.

Arkansas ranked 42nd on its political/social environment and 49th in quality of life.

At the absolute worst, Arkansas ranked 50th health-wise.

Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana were the only states that ranked below Arkansas

Overall, the highest-ranked state for millennials to live in was Minnesota, ranking consistently high on all metrics.