DREW COUNTY, Ark –Family and friends of a missing Drew County man, set out nearly a year after he disappeared to search with a fresh set of eyes and renewed hope.

The search party for Barry Harmon now calling in help from Northwest Arkansas and Southeast Oklahoma.

His father, James Harmon, watched as family, friends and strangers came together in hopes of finding his missing son.

“The effort today has really been wonderful,” said James. “I think if there is something out there to find, they are going to find it.”

Barry Harmon, 35, was last seen in January 2015. His family said he went into the woods behind their home to hunt and never came back.

“I think he came across something he shouldn’t have,” said James. “I think they killed him and I think they hauled his body out of here.”

As the sun shined bright on the Harmon family property, Julie Pendley, who lead Saturday’s search efforts, hoped their work will shine a light on where Barry might be.

She said Barry’s mom, Sharon Harmon, contacted her back in December asking her search team, “Bridging the Gap” for help.

“This was one that didn’t take just a couple of minutes of talking to Sharon to know how badly that they needed this closure,” said Pendley

Pendley knows all too well what the Harmons are going through.

“I had, had a recent experience where we lost my cousin and we had searched 16 days for him and I can tell you that minutes are hours and days are weeks,” said Pendley

Searchers used their smart phones — that acted as trackers and walkie-talkies — that connected to a computer at the command post.

Then, with machetes and metal detectors in hand, they headed into the woods.
One of Barry’s sons searched side-by-side with Barry’s brother, Tony.

While search crews came across old tin cans and animal bones, there was no sign of Barry.
Still, his father said he will never stop looking for answers.

“We hang on to each other, it is all we’ve got right now,” said James.

Searchers did find gun shells and a few other items that may belong to Barry, but need positive identification. The search for him will continue on Sunday.