Residential water systems


Water purifiers for the home range from simple, point-of-use carbon filters, to reverse osmosis units that serve the whole house. The system you choose will depend on what type of water problem you’re trying to solve. Other considerations include your budget, and how much space you have. Ion exchange water softeners are commonly used to treat hard water. As a bonus, ion exchange also removes inorganics like iron, fluoride, and nitrate…all of which can affect the taste and safety of your water. Some water conditioners can soften the water without salt: instead, they use magnets, or a process called ionic conversion. If corrosion is a concern, you may want a neutralizer to raise the water’s pH level. One of the most effective ways to remove a variety of contaminants is with reverse osmosis. Most R-O units install under the sink; a storage tank may also be required, to hold enough water for washing. If you don’t want the expense of installing a whole-house system, consider a carbon filters. Several types are available, and attach easily to your faucet. For more information on residential water systems, contact a water conditioning company.

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