Ring Gifted to Woman Whose Was Stolen During Seizure

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR — There’s a happy ending tonight to the story we told you about a couple of weeks ago about a North Little Rock woman whose wedding ring was stolen.

She was having a seizure in a public facility when someone took off with it.

But sometimes a tragedy can bring out the best in all of us.

Sonya Gibbs, of North Little Rock, collapsed waiting in line to pay a utility bill. 

People come to her aid, taking off her jewelry and putting the items in her purse, but not everything was there.

“My watch and my band was in the purse but there was no ring,” she said.

Her diamond wedding ring gone. A broken-hearted Gibbs couldn’t believe it.

“This is just so hard and for somebody to do that,” she said.

But today, a silver lining as bright as a diamond.

“I thought what type of person would take something from a person that’s on the ground having a seizure,” said Jimmy Parker of Custom Advertising.

The folks at Bakers Jewelers in Bryant and Custom Advertising wanted to make a wrong right.

“It just lets me know that the good out weighs the bad,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs given a new diamond wedding set, and her sorrow has turned to joy.

“It helps. A little bling bling always helps,” Gibbs laughed

Now, just one thing missing.

“I hope the person who took the ring from her will see this,” Parker said.

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