Russellville City Council meets to see who gets a casino


RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. – A high stakes gamble in Pope County tonight where the Russellville City Council makes a play to help pick who gets to build a casino.

The city of Russellville is trying to hedge their bets on the Pope County Casino Deal just hours ago. City Council met and voted to pass an ordinance to start looking at casino proposals.

This is what it looked like during that special meeting, which several council members called.

The new ordinance creates a community review team with 7 people on it. The plan is to go over proposed casinos, pick one, and then send a letter of support to the state gaming commission, which is needed to get a licenses.

The mayor has been outspoken against a casino and when we asked for his take, this is what he said.

“The citizens of our community spoke very clearly in the last election, in my mind that they didn’t want a casino. I wouldn’t have been prudent for us to go out and start vetting casinos and moving in that direction without the consent of the people.”

Some are saying that it’s too late to get in on this game but the Pope County Quorum court opted to write a letter of support for the Legends Resort and Casino and just today Legends opened a office in Russellville, and they are hoping to get a gaming license to break ground by the end of the year.

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