Scared kids now get comfort packs from police during traumatic incidents


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ark.- Children involved in traffic accidents and other traumatic incidents involving law enforcement, will now have some comforts during those scary times, thanks to an officers’ wives group in the Mountain View area.

The ladies are seeing to it that every police officer and deputy in Stone and Independence Counties are equipped with at least two kid care packs in their cruisers, for when they encounter children needing comfort.

One of the wives, Kimberly Hudspeth, said she hopes that “someday, some child can come back to us and say ‘ya’ll made a difference in my life, by giving us a teddy bear that made us comfortable and made us feel we were cared about.'”

The bags and their contents, which are donated by local banks and other businesses, contain things like a stuffed animal, toys and a quilt to make those difficult moments for little children more bearable.

The group says they now have 35 packed and ready, but their goal is to get 1,000 out this month.

If you want to help, you can donate kids’ comfort items at Stone and Independence Counties Sheriff’s offices and at the Mountain View Police Dept.

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